Friday, June 1, 2012

Florida lottery scratch offs

florida lottery

The thrill of playing Florida Lottery Scratch Offs is just enjoyable and exciting. You cannot wait for you to scratch off the tickets to finally reveal if you win some cash instantly. 

These games are also called the Scratchers there are several Florida lottery scratch offs games that you can choose from in Florida. You can buy them for a dollar, $2, $5, $10, and $20 games of scratch off. What makes these games more fun and exciting is aside from the chances of winning instant cash prizes, these scratch off game cards come in many themes and styles that you can choose from. You can from a wide range of prizes starting from $1 to $200M from just scratching any of the available tickets. 

An overwhelming $4 Billion annually are spent on Florida lotteries. Do you know that 55% of that is spent only on the different scratch off games costing from the cheapest game of $1 to the highest priced $20? Most of the Florida lottery scratch offs games’ winnings are below $600. Winning cash prize instantly is possible and these winnings may be redeemed right away without you filing any papers. All you have to do is go to any authorized Fl Lotto Retailer if your prize amounts to $600 and lower. Should your cash winnings exceed $600, then you have to go to Florida Lottery office to be able to claim your Florida Lottery Scratch Offs prize. Keep in mind that a federal tax of 30 % from the prize amount shall be withheld for cash prizes amounting to $5,000 or greater. A smaller portion compared to the 50 % tax rate in some drawing games like the Powerball or Florida Lotto. 
the florida lottery

Recently, the Fl Lotto launched "Lucky $200,000 a Year for Life" to fuel up the ticket sales as well as to keep the players’ high interest on the game. The scratch off ticket costs $20 but the prizes at stake are many times over that. The new concept offers 10 prizes wherein if you happen to be one of the lucky winners, you will receive yearly payments of $200, 000 for the rest of your life! Other prizes in the new game are 10 prizes of $50, 000 yearly payments, and many more other prizes. Should the new game become popular, there is a possibility of being offered in the market for a longer period of time including additional prizes for the players.

You have to remember that even though the Florida lottery scratch offs games provide fun and excitement for many Floridians, there is an existing law regarding on who can lay the games. 

As a strict rule in gaming and amusements, the Florida State, Florida Lottery, and the Federal laws and regulations is requiring the participants in this game be 18 years old at the very least. And the best part of playing Florida scratch off games and any of Florida lotteries is that you know that a portion of your purchase will go to good a cause such as state programs for school improvements and scholarship funding. 

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