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Florida lottery winners

fl lotto

Florida lottery is a widespread draw game presented by the lottery Florida.

 It was considered as the last jackpot on the lottery game that is not under the multi-jurisdictional until January 4, 2009 when the Florida lottery joined Powerball. Like all the Lottery games in Florida, players should be at least 18 years old to play the Fl lotto. 

There were 963 tickets in total in Fl lotto that matched the 6 numbers out of 6 as of September 8, 2009. 27 tickets out of 963 expired and never claimed by the ticket holders.  Here are some of the lottery winners in Florida.

·         On May 28, 1988, the first jackpot prize amounting to 414, 080,000 were received by a resident of Port Charlotte in the name of Josie Morre.

·         On September 3, 1988, a resident of Winter Springs named Sheelah Ryan won the jackpot of $55.16 million and made the lotto history as the largest lotto jackpot won in single lottery. She was the 10th winner of Florida lottery.

·         On June 24, 1989, November 23, 1991 and July 31, 1993, 3 incidence where the jackpot prize was won and shared by 9 ticket holders making it as the most jackpot winners in a single draw. On 1991 incidence, 2 out of 9 tickets were claimed by just 1 player.

·         On June 24, 1989, 9 tickets shared $3.6 million and each ticket holders won $399, 600 as the smallest prize in jackpot in the history of Florida Lottery. Because of the lowest shares in jackpot, instead of annuity value, each player was awarded with cash lump sum.  Before 1998, lump sum is the only way that a winner can get the jackpot prize. 

lottery florida
·         The largest jackpot price in Florida Lottery was $106.5 m won by 6 people on the 15th of September 1990, 2 years just after the launching of Florida Lottery.  The jackpot of $75 million was initially advertised but it was raised 3 times making $100 million as the final approximation.

·         In 2000, on March 29, Whispering Pines Lottery Trust of New Port Richey has won the largest jackpot for a single ticket with an amount of $81.6 m.  They voted to collect $38, 777,403.46 as a cash lump sum which in history of Florida Lottery was the biggest one-time pay out made. 

·         On March 12, 2003, the largest prize unclaimed was bought in North Bay Village with a prize of $53, 700,000.

·         On February 2, 2005, Regino Musa got his 3 out of 7 lotto winning shares and made the history of most tickets won by only one person in a single draw. The interesting fact was that Musa had 3 out 5 winning tickets bought from 1 retailer and the remaining 2 tickets were not claimed.
·         In 2006, Abraham Shakespeare won the $35 million jackpot and was found dead in 2010 under the concrete slab. 

·         On April 18, 2009, Richard Cornier bought $2 ticket for Lotto Plus and won $18 m for a jackpot of $8 million making it the biggest prize won for Lotto plus. Mr. Cornier opted to collect his money amounting to $11,025,708 as a cash lump sum. What a great prize from the Florida Lottery.

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