Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Powerball Fl Lottery

powerball fl lotto tickets
During the nights of Wednesdays and Saturdays of each week, you can expect millions of Floridians and other Americans are in tuned to Powerball Fl lotto, waiting for the winning numbers result and hoping it is the day that millions will be won. As a multi-state lottery jackpot game with a starting jackpot prize of $20M, it will continue to increase until it is finally won. There are nine ways in which you can win this Powerball Fl lottery and to be able to win the jackpot prize, you have to match all five numbers including the Powerball.

How Can You Play the Powerball Fl Lottery?

As there are several ways you can win the Powerball Fl lottery, you can also choose your numbers in a few steps:

  1. If you have no numbers in your mind, you can choose to use the Quick Pick option and let the computer do the random number selection for you.
  2. if you have your numbers in mind, you just have to mark on the these numbers on Powerball lotto selection slip.5 white numbers are needed from, 1 to 59, including 1 red number, 1 to 39, which is your Powerball fl number. 
  3. You may only choose either just the 5 white numbers or only the Powerball fl number and then choose the Quick Pick option for the other remaining numbers.
  4. You can play anyway you wish to and as often as you want since you have the option to play the Powerball lotto for 10 drawings dates consecutively in just one ticket. You just need to mark the corresponding Multi-draw option on your playslip's selection or simply tell the accommodating retailer during your Powerball lotto purchase.
How Can You Win in the Powerball Fl Lotto? 

Powerball Florida lottery is very popular not only in Florida but in other states as well. This is because your chances of winning the jackpot in this Florida lottery is higher since it has 9-winning ball combinations. By choosing as many number that match those numbers that are drawn, then you have more chances of winning. Now, should your number pick coincide with one or several players, the jackpot prize will be equally divided among you and the other winners. 

In Powerball lotto, you also have the option to multiply your prize 5 times more, except in jackpot and Match 5 bonus. Pay an extra dollar in every game by choosing a number from 2-5 which will be randomly selected during the draw. Simply mark the option for Power Play or ask the retailer for the option.
What Are Your Payment Options Upon Winning the Powerball Lotto?

If you are the luckiest one among millions of players to win the coveted jackpot in millions in cash, you have two options in which you can be paid. First, you are allotted 60 days to select either from an annuity for 30 years or payment in lump-sum cash, amounting to approximately half the announced jackpot prize. If within the 60 days period you have not selected any of the annuity or cash option for your powerball fl win, an annuity shall be the mode of payment for your prize.

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